We've added 6 new KMM packs of 8 figures and 27 packs of heads to be used with the figure packs to the online shop and given the King's Mountain range their own page within it.

We've also added 6 new unit deals:  







The Over Mountain Men sculpts are presented for your viewing pleasure. Also pictured are some of the 240 heads that will be available for various different AWI types.
The heads will be available as separate packs.


More size comparison pics, this time by Scott MacPhee; go to Scott's excellent blog:  

for a review of the King's Mountain Highlanders.

Above, left to right: Old Glory, King's Mountain, Perry, King's Mountain, Fife & Drum.


We've been asked how the King's Mountain range size up alongside other popular AWI ranges, so here's a comparison shot kindly supplied by Giles. Left to right: Foundry (Perry sculpt), Perry Miniatures, King's Mountain.

More pictures of the superbly painted King's Mountain highlanders by Giles Allison, also see further down this page.

Galloping Major now sells and distributes the King's Mountain range of 28mm American War of Independence figures in the UK and Europe.

Unlike our French & Indian War range, the King's Mountain range are not sculpted by our director, Lance Cawkwell, but were commissioned by Bill Nevins and sculpted by Alan Marsh. Bill has long been a customer of ours, and we were happy to agree to market this new range.

The moulds and castings for these figures are produced by the same UK company as are those for our own Galloping Major designs.

Customers in the US should go to kingsmtnminis@aol.com to place their orders or make enquiries. Please note that when ordering from Bill, our pack numbers and descriptions will not apply.

The first batch of 6 packs of figures are "Highlanders in Gaiter Trousers", designed to represent the 71st Highlanders in the Southern Campaign, but also ideal for the 42nd Highlanders of the same period.

Thanks to Giles Allison for providing the excellent pictures of his painted Kings Mountain Highlanders.

Below: the 6 Highlanders packs. We've added deals for one of each pack combined with flags by Flags of War, and others for the 2 command packs combined with flags. Go to the Online Shop, the King's Mountain range follows our French & Indian War Units.


Keep an eye on the Galloping Major News page for news of more upcoming releases, pictures will appear on this page when available.