Why Soldiers Free?

We thought it would be a pleasant (if not entirely original) idea to produce some "giveaways", and send one of them out free with every order of four packs or more from our French & Indian War range, with all orders of wargames rules and/or books, and with 2 or more 4Ground buildings.

We'll release new giveaways as we go, in fact we have one or two waiting in the wings already, they'll be added to this page as they become available. We'll send our "Soldiers Free" out with orders subject to availability, some will eventually be retired from service, either permanently or temporarily, as others step into the ranks to take their place.

We'll try to ensure that regular customers eventually receive at least one of each available figure as they place orders, but if there's one you simply must have ahead of the rest, get in touch and we'll do our best to supply it.

Watch this space. 

Two new British Redcoat Soldiers Free variant figures: hatman sentinel suitable for most line regiments and 60th Foot loading. 


The new Soldiers Free 18th Century Sailor armed with a boarding axe and knife. This figure replaces the prototype sailor which is still available with the Ainsty ships, but has now been moved into pack C18 NAV5, along with 2 other characters.


New for the Anglo-American Militia Soldiers Free militiaman.


Here's the first Soldiers Free figure for The Western Range. He went out as part of the pre-order 4 pack deal, and will now accompany orders of 5 or more packs from The Western Range. If you're ordering four or more French & Indian War packs and would like one of these instead of one of the F&IW Soldiers Free, please e-mail us alongside your order to request one.

Limited distribution Soldiers Free Sailor


This new "Soldiers Free" figure is intended to accompany the Ainsty ships, and possibly other craft yet to be made available through the site. See the new Period Setting and Online Shop pages for more details. Update: this figure is now included in the new C18 Sailors Characters pack C18 NAV5, along with 2 other figures.

Limited distribution Soldiers Free Provincial

This new "Soldiers Free" figure is intended to accompany the Block House. See the new Period Setting and Online Shop pages for more details. Update: this figure is available to buy as the re-enforcement pack FIW BPT7, the pack contains 3 castings of the same figure.

 Soldiers Free Provincial


A new Soldiers Free Provincial, a loading variant, he's also a part of some of the Unit Deals. There's a painted version of him on the Studio page.

Soldiers Free 3 Original Mohawk Warriors

Stocks of 3 of our first 4 Soldiers Free, the Mohawk warriors shown further down this page, have been replenished after several months of their absence.  

Another new Soldiers Free character - but who is he?


In the case of this new Soldiers Free character, I deliberately sculpted him to be usable in quite a few different roles. He could be a militia officer or a civilian with some military experience - or time spent on the frontier - useful to galvanise the members of a small settlement in defence against a French & Indian attack, he could be a trader or suttler, a master waggoner, a distinguished character of your choice or simply an additional officer for your ranger unit. You'll have considerable choice in how you want to use him - and to paint him, and I've used a very civilian palette in painting this sample up to illustrate that latitude. I hope you'll be happy to find him a place in one of your units.




New Soldiers Free Ranger added.

We thought it was about time we added a new character to our Soldiers Free. He'll be available randomly with orders of 4 packs or more - unless you e-mail us to request a specific Soldier Free with your order - see above. You'll also see that he comes along with units FIW RC 1 and FIW RU1.

Our first Soldiers Free

28mm Mohawk Warrior

We started out our Soldiers Free with the four Woodland Indians  I sculpted as test figures for the French & Indian War some time back. There were three Mohawk warriors and one Huron: Mohawk 1 is shown above as a painted version, Mohawk 2 & 3 are below, along with one of their sworn enemies a Huron (below right).

Woodland Indians

The 3 Mohawk, which have been unavailable for several months, are now back in stock. The one with the club (see ainted version above) is also part of our first Mohawk unit deal.