French & Indian War

A long held favourite period of our designer, Lance Cawkwell, since childhood (fostered by grainy black and white television images of The Last of the Mohicans and nurtured by Ronald Embleton's superb illustrations in Look & Learn [see an example above]) the French & Indian War will be an ongoing in-depth range covering the Anglo-American and French forces of competing empires, and the "Woodland Indian" nations of Native North Americans, whose alliances with the Europeans and against their tribal enemies lend added breadth, contrast and excitement to the North American theatre of the Seven Years War.


 28mm Canadian Militia

Canadian Militia - French Irregular

The French & Indian War was the last in a series of conflicts between the British and French colonies in North America: "The War That Made America". From British colonial militia officer George Washington's ambush of Ensign Joseph Coulon de Villiers de Jumonville's small party of French troops in the disputed Ohio country in 1754, through to the end of the uprising of former French-allied Amerindians after the French surrender that came to be known as the Pontiac conspiracy, ten years of conflict encompassed innumerable skirmishes, raids, massacres, sieges and pitched battles waged from the French colonies in Canada to the Carolinas and beyond. This is a fascinating period ripe with scenarios for wargaming actions involving a rich variety of units, from a handful of characters a side, up to battles as momentous as many of those being waged between the great armies of Europe.


Mohawk Warrior - Anglo-American Ally

We hope that you'll enjoy this range of 28mm models and become a regular visitor to our site. You'll find painting guides for Mohawk Warriors, Canadian Militia, Huron Warriors and Anglo-American Rangers on the "Painting Guides" page. We plan frequent releases for the range, with more accompanying painting guides.

28mm Huron

 Huron Character - French Ally