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King's Mountain Miniatures update

I've moved the KM AWI Highlanders onto a different page within the Online shop titled: "Kings Mountain Miniatures AWI". I've also added quite a few new packs and deals to this range, including a large number of separate heads. New packs KMM AWI 07 - AWI 12 each need you to order your choice of head packs to complete them. Many of hese head packs are also ideally suited for head swap conversion (for those who like to carry them out) with Galloping Major French & Indian War figures, and some would work well with figures from The Western Range.

A little inspiration

A little inspiration for painting the Compagnies Franches de la Marine in coats as featured in our stretch goal. Left to right (above) officer, drummer, private soldier. The soldier's cartridge box is the giberne (shoulder-slung box), which like the gargoussier (waist box) and the musket sling were produced in a crimson-red leather, which would grow darker and more brownish over time. The drummer's coat is trimmed with the royal livery lace: crimson with a white chain pattern. The officer's coat is white rather than the pale grey of the other ranks.

The illustration below shows a cadet, distinguished by his blue and white shoulder knot, and a sergeant whose rank is shown by the gold lace trim on the cuffs and pockets of his coat, he carries a halberd in garrison - our command pack sergeant will be armed with a musket. All soldiers in this illustration including those in the middle ground without coats, showing the blue small clothes, are shown without the white gaiters normally worn on campaign.

All illustrations on this update are by Eugene Leliepvre.

I hope you'll find this useful, please comment if you do.

Kind regards,


Just checking

A comment was made on the last post that the customer thinks he must be the only one that comes to this page. If anyone else is visiting the NEWS page, please comment on here, if no comments are received, I may as well close the page - sorry Dave ;-)

I'm expecting to set the Compagnies Franches de la Marine Kickstarter running on Monday afternoon.

A figure representing Montreal born Daniel Hyacinthe de Lienard de Beaujeau at the battle of Monongahela, but could easily well be used to represent other officers of La Marine in “native dress” (concept sketch). This figure will be sent out free with all Kickstarter pledges for 6 packs or more.

Kickstarter - Compagnies Franches de la Marine

I'm getting very close to being ready to launch the new Kickstarter to boost the French forces. Hopefully I'll be ready some time during the next week. More information to come soon.

A hint for painting Redcoats' coats

Customer Gareth Tilley recently asked on our facebook page (galloping Major Ltd Wargames) for any tips about painting Redcoat red, I've been asked this sort of question several times, so thought I should share this here.

I use a lot of the original Foundry colours, alongside various others including Humbrol, Games Workshop, Vallejo etc. If you think my painting of Redcoat soldiers' clothing isn't too far off the mark, you might like to try this one out. I normally start from a dark base coat and work up through mid tones to highlights these days, but just for Redcoats I've returned to my old style of mid tone base, then painting in shade and highlights over this. The thing that sparked this was, as I'm always on the lookout for interesting paints, I spotted the pot pictured in a range of acrylics stocked by "The Range" stores in their craft (not fine art) department and bought one to try out. They contain about twice as much paint as most manufacturers' for, if I remember correctly, £1.99. I tried it, liked it, and bought several more colours from the fairly limited range. They give a good flat coverage, with the red "rouge" I start with a couple of thin coats. I then shade Foundry Conker Brown Shade (I use Citadel Scab Red to shade officers' coats); I then highlight with Foundry Scarlet Light with another highlight of Foundry Bright Red Light. Obviously, similar shade and highlight colours from your favoured range should work just as well. The thing I like about this Artiste rouge is it is a good strong red without being overly lurid, and has that hint of 'brickishness' about it that really does give the look of a military red coat. Worth a try for anyone who is (like I was) hesitating about what red to uniform their regulars in. Cheers, Lance.

No automatic alt text available.

New Redcoats due to go on release in January

Following the success of our Kickstarter, I'm very busy preparing for the release of our Redcoats - for anyone who doesn't know yet, the first release will comprise 10 packs of SYW/FIW hatmen including 2 command packs plus 4 packs of FIW 60th Foot.

Go to the Studio page for more pictures.

Kickstarter latest

Well, we whizzed through our first target, quickly made it through the first stretch goals and at time of writing we're less than £650 short of our second stretch goals with a week to go. We're not counting our chickens on that though ;-)

Kickstarter update

At time of writing we're 98% of the way to our first goal on the Redcoats Kickstarter.

A massive thank you to all our customers, existing and new, who have pledged to help get these soldiers launched.


Redcoats Kickstarter Live Now

I've just pressed the button on the Redcoats Kickstarter!

Go to:

Redcoats Kickstarter

The Kickstarter for our Redcoats should be ready to launch before the end of July.
Go to the Studio page for pictures of some of the soldiers that will be included.


We've had a lot of enquiries about when the British regular "hatmen" will be released, I've had it in mind for some time (and several people have guessed this) that the way to enable us to get a good number of packs out in one release, is through Kickstarter. I'm currently working on organising the Kickstarter, which I hope to have ready to announce soon, so please watch out for this and help spread the news.

If the Kickstarter is successful, this should help us to move the range on at a much better pace.

Go to the Studio page for a preview of the project image.


New pack for The Western Range

While getting ready to announce what's about to happen with the Redcoats for the Seven Years War/French & Indian War, we've made a little addition to The Western Range, a pack of 4 Gunfighters titled Hired Guns and Hard Cases 1. The pack is in The Western Range section on the Online Shop now.

I'll have some packs of the first production castings with me at TEES CON 2016 in Middlesborough tomorrow (Saturday 2nd April), where we'll be trading TS3 0HB, for those who may be able to come along and say hello.

More sculpts on the Studio page.

Three men of the 60th Foot firing - no lace on the coats and I've sculpted them without swords. They could also be painted as soldiers of H.M. Independent Companies of Foot - more on this later.

Teesside Wargames Convention

We'll be running a stall at the Teesside Wargames Convention, 2nd April at the Southlands Leisure Centre, Ormesby Rd, Middlesbrough TS3 0HG


Last year had its high points, but some lows originating from external problems resulting in unexpected delays, sorry folks, we did the best we could under the circumstances, but in 2016, we're ready and determined to do a whole lot better! I'm hoping to show you quite a lot of exciting new stuff on here over the coming weeks, mostly for the French & Indian War (/7 Years War in some cases) range, but also others, especially more figures for The Western Range.

One much-awaited class of troops I'm planning to release during 2016 will be our first batch of British Infantry figures for the FIW/SYW period. Given the continued support of our friends and customers, this will grow into quite an extensive sub-range, something very different to the usual restricted offerings of mid 18th Century British troops.

If we achieve the support we're hoping to, the first of the British should be followed as promptly as we can manage by the first French regulars - Compagnies Franches then "line" troops.

Here's a picture of some of the British "hatmen" in Charge Your Bayonet position - preparing to deliver the cold steel for which they were renowned, to His Majesty's enemies.

More pictures can be found on the STUDIO page.

New page added to the shop

We've added a new page to the shop titled: 'Gifts Collectables Reenactment' - the title's a little awkward, but it's the best I could manage given the constraints of the title box and the variety of items that will be offered. Some will be unique "one-offs" others will have limited numbers available and will only appear temporarily, others will be offered ongoingly. We have quite a lot of stuff to add to the page, which will be built up gradually as time allows - some one-off items may be gone before others are added, so keep coming back and checking, you never know when that something special may appear.


Some new FIW and C18 packs in the Online Shop

A start made on the updates, I've added 4 new packs to the online shop, 3 FIW and one of C18 Sailor characters. Most of these are figures that you may have seen before, some of you will have one or maybe even all, as I've sent a limited number (in most cases) of them out as bonus figures, but they've not previously been available to buy.

C18 NAV5 18th Century Sailors 3 Characters

3 different 18th century seagoing characters hitherto not available to buy, the first was the prototype sailor who has been available as a Soldiers Free figure, but is being withdrawn other than to accompany the ships, the other two were sent out as a limited issue bonus with the pre-order deal of the first 4 packs of sailors as an extra bonus and have not been generally available.

FIW MOH6 Heroic Mohawk Warrior

British Allied Mohawk character sent out as a bonus figure with the pre-orders of Anglo-American Militia last year, very few people have been able to get hold of this figure since then, though he is very much sought after, now available as a single figure pack.

The 2 BPT code packs each contain 3 castings of the same figure to add to existing units or start new ones:

FIW BPT6 Provincials Re-enforcement pack 1 Advancing

This figure variant was sent out with the pre-orders of the first 4 packs of Provincials, he can usually only be obtained with orders of Provincial Force 1.

FIW BPT7 Provincials Re-enforcement pack 2 High Port

Before now this figure has only normally been available with purchases of the Frontline Blockhouse.

Galloping Major's website - the return

Hello folks, you may have noticed a distinct lack of activity on the website for over 3 months now - my apologies, this was due to proposed changes by our host company which were anticipated to take 3 weeks during which time I would have to make no additions or changes to avoid invalidating their work - well, to cut a long story short, all that didn't really happen as described and I've called an end to those changes for now at least, leaving me at long last able to start updating the website.

Meanwhile activities have continued on our facebook page: Galloping Major Ltd Wargames - which may have seemed odd to some.

Over the next few weeks you should start to see additions, changes, news etc start to appear as time allows, there's a lot to catch up on!

Thanks for your patience,


18th Century Sailors Pre-Orders

The pre-orders of the18th Century Sailors are being packed ready to 'ship' this weekend, once they're all on their way the packs and unit deal will be added to the online shop.

The contents of each of the 4 packs and the unit "Soldiers Free" figure can be seen on the Studio page.

18th Century Sailors

After long delays we should soon have the first production castings of the 18th Century Sailors, we'll start packing them as soon as they arrive and, once all the pre-orders have been sent out, they'll be added to the online shop. As a taster, here are some crewmen with close quarter weapons, I finished painting these yesterday evening.

Mohawk Warriors with Bows pack released

New pack FIW MOH5 Mohawk Warriors with Bows is now available from the online shop, and has also been added into a new unit deal: MU2

US customers please take note

Loyalhanna Outpost, who have been selling our figures in the USA, have decided to cease trading in mid May, meanwhile they'll be selling their stock of our figures at a reduction against their usual rate. Keith from Loyalhanna is a gentleman and has been a pleasure to deal with throughout our association, while saddened to see Loyalhanna go, we fully understand his reasons for the decision.
US customers old and new will be welcome as ever to place their orders direct through our online shop.

More sailors to view

Something to hopefully brighten the day of all those waiting for our 18th Century sailors to arrive, more details on the Studio page.

Bow Armed Mohawk pack

The second three bow-armed Mohawk are pictured on the Studio page. Once again, my apologies to all for the delays, the pack of 6 will be released as soon as production castings are ready.
This new pack of warriors will provide an extra weaponry variant for the French & Indian War and also be suitable to represent earlier generations of "woodland warfare" in North America.


I had hoped to have the pack of bow-armed Mohawk warriors out some weeks ago, and the 18th Century Sailors Pre-Order out around now, but unforseen problems at our production facility have caused delays. We'll get them out as soon as we can, and anyone who pre-ordered the sailors will find an extra character in with their order to thank them for their patience.

Meanwhile, here's another sailor character, more pics to follow soon.

Have a great Christmas everyone,


18th Century Sailors pre-order coming soon

The pre order for the first release of C18 naval/merchant crews will be posted in the next few days. It will consist of 4 packs of 6 figures, one command and characters, 2 of close quarter weapons (cutlasses, knives, pistols, blunderbusses, boarding axes etc) and one armed with muskets.
Look on the Studio page for pictures of the first sculpts.

18thCentury sailors on the way

There are pictures of 7 of the sailors for the up-coming pre-order release on the Studio page and the naval captain will be added shortly. Others will follow in a few days.

Sneak peek of a British regular inantryman pushing his bayonet.

Australian sales outlet

Our Australian outlet has recently gone live on the net at:


The 'Soldiers Free' sailor we released in 2012 to accompany sales of Ainsty ships - there'll be more 18th Century naval crew released in packs soon.

Here are the first completed green sculpts, all 3 are in slops and shirt-sleeves, two armed with pistol and knife, the third with a blunderbuss.

British regulars seem to be popular subject then, well I call that fortunate; more news in the next few days.

It will be interesting to see who picks up on any of this, as it won't be appearing anywhere else yet:
The first of our British regulars should be starting to make an appearance before long, but won't be immediately available - watch out for further news.
Also, there will be more packs of mid 18th Century figures which will suit all manner of other adventures alongside the French & Indian War.

Compagnies Franches de la Marine

I've had so many requests for more Frenchmen, the regulars are still off on the horizon, but I've made a start on the first batch of Compagnies Franches de la Marine - first sculpt is up on the Studio page.


Live stage by stage painting guide

Painter Dale Yates is going to be showing painting demos using our FIW and Western figures in a new open group on facebook. He's a highly skilled painter and his painted ranger officer was well received, check in and follow his progress. He is currently a couple of stages into painting our “Soldiers Free” colonial officer.

Temporary Deal

I've just posted a temporary deal on the online shop - it'll be up for only 2 weeks, then it'll come down.
It's a "Militia Firing Line Deal" and consists of both packs of Anglo-American Militia Firing Line (FIW AAM1 & 2), the first two packs of Anglo-American Settlers Defending (FIW AAC1 & 2) and the Anglo-American Militia Command and Characters, plus 2 Soldiers Free. That's 32 different soldiers for a special price of £42 plus postage. The idea is to provide a big "force" of militia with loads of variety.
Go to the Online Shop to see the deal.

Galloping Major on Facebook

I've set up a facebook page: Galloping Major Ltd Wargames, which is our official page for news and up-coming items which will sometimes appear there ahead of on the website as an additional and quick way of getting our news out there to customers. If you're a facebook user, please take a look and "like" to be kept informed of when new items are posted.

There is also a facebook group which was set up some time back by a small group of customers: Galloping Major Wargames, feel free to take a look, join, contribute etc.



We're adding an impressive new set of skirmish rules to the Book Shop.

Not specific to the French & Indian War period, though encompassing it in its scope, Donnybrook is rapidly gaining popularity among skirmish gamers. The extensive rule book is full colour throughout and beautifully produced, packed with photographs and background information. At least equally important to most of us, I believe, is that the rules needed during the course of play accompany the book in the form of a two-sided quick reference card.

For more information about Donnybrook go to the Wargames Rules and Books page.

As usual with orders of books and/or rules, we'll be sending out a "Soldiers Free" figure. In this instance it will be the special Provincials advancing variant which came as part of the provincials pre-order, and otherwise appears only with the Provincials Force Unit - if you would prefer a different Soldiers Free, e-mail me via the site and I'll see what I can do.



Anglo-American Militia Pre-Order

The Anglo-American Militia Pre-Order should be sent out next week, a little later than planned.
I'm including an extra figure in the pre-order deal bringing it up to 26 figures. This fierce Mohawk allied warrior with tomahawk, threatening or about to strike or, has been awaiting the right opportunity to appear since I sculpted him some time ago. It was originally intended that he would appear in a pack of Mohawk with hand-to-hand weapons, but I've changed that plan, for now at least; the bow-armed fifth pack of Mohawk should appear this year, but the hand-to-hand pack won't. Instead I've decided to use this figure as a Limited Release figure.
What does this mean?
Well, he'll go out with the pre-orders of this release (I managed to squeeze him into a production mould), but not with the Unit Deal that will go up on the shop once the pre-orders are out. He will probably also appear elsewhere later, I can't say where as yet.

So, anyone who has ordered the Anglo-American Militia Pre-Order will receive this chap as a thank you for their patience in awaiting delivery, anyone ordering in the few days before the pre-order comes down will get one as an added bonus.


Anglo-American Militia Pre-Order NOW

The Anglo-American Militia Pre-Order is now up on the Online Shop page.

News for December

Hello all,

Various bits of news, you'll find some new pictures of recently released and up-coming figures on the Studio page, more being added regularly.

During this month I plan to add more pictures to the Customers' Gallery page. If you have any you'd like to send in, please do.

As a bit of a seasonal special treat, until 1st January 2014 (or sooner if stocks run out), I'm offering "White Savage" by Fintan O'Toole in paperback at the reduced price of £4.50 + postage and will be sending out 2 "Soldiers Free" instead of 1 with it. After the offer closes, this great book will return to £8.50. For more about this book, go to the Wargames Rules & Books page.

Wishing you all a happy and peaceful time,


The Western Range first 4 packs in the Online Shop

The pre-order deal for all 4 of our first packs for The Western Range comes down today.
The 4 packs can now be ordered individually, and there is also an option of ordering the first 3 packs of dismounted 1880s US Cavalry as a unit deal.

The Western Range first release

The first release for The Western Range will be announced soon, it will consist of four dismounted packs, one of Apaches and three of US Cavalry; the packs will contain four figures each.
Before going up as individual packs, they'll be offered for a short time as a price-advantaged pre-order deal, and will come along with our first "Soldiers Free" figure for The Western Range.

The Western Range

I've added the first information about our new range of figures: The Western Range, onto the site, more information to come soon, this is the range I mentioned on 24th August.

Bookshop & Wargames Rules

Our single online shop page has been growing very full. I am currently migrating the books and rules from the main shop page into a sub page which is accessed via the online shop. In the future all the books we offer will appear on this new sub page, and other sub pages will be added.
Once in the online shop, sub pages can be found under Online Shop in the left hand page index column.

Launch of a new Galloping Major range

In the next few days I'll be announcing the launch of a new range that I've had on the "back burner" for quite some time.
This range is in addition to the French & Indian War, and will not impede progress with that, our main range.
Releases for the French & Indian War range will continue as before, in fact I'm hoping to increase their rate of release, the new range will be added to between these.


New pack of Settler Characters ready for release soon

The new pack FIW AAC3 - Settlers Defending Command and Characters should be going up in the Online Shop by the first week of September.

King's Mountain more size comparison pictures

Scott MacPhee has produced some great size comparison pics which I've taken the liberty to add to the American War of Independence page along with a link to his blog.

The next releases for the King's Mountain range - the Over the Mountain Men, will be ready soon. They'll come with separate heads for even greater variety.
Here's a teaser picture of some of the greens, many more will be added to the American war of Independence page very soon.

M&T Day II Saturday 6th July, Middlesborough

Graham Cummings has organised a follow up to the great day we had a couple of months ago. THIS SATURDAY 6th JULY, same venue, Waugh Games, Middlesborough, sorry about the short notice.

Same basic info as last time:

"M&T day at Waugh Games, Skippers Lane Industrial Estate Middlesbrough, TS6 6PT (
There will be 3 linked scenarios which will culminate in a larger game. If you want to come down to try the rules just pop in, if you have some figures and want to play let me know.
Players will be asked to contribute £2.50 each for the day to cover the cost of the table hire, hot drinks and snacks are available on site. We aim to start around 10am. Food orders are taken around 11.15 for a local caterer to deliver.

Any questions re directions, the day itself, to let me know you’re coming or in fact anything then just contact me at

Anyone who can make it - see you there.



News arrived

The new range mentioned on my posting of 10 days ago now have their own page on this site go there to find out about them.
American War of Independence.

I'll be adding them to the shop soon.

News coming

Well, I'm afraid the website has been pretty much a news free zone for several weeks now - but I'll be catching up on things shortly - starting with a new range of figures we'll be distributing in Europe on behalf of the owner in the U.S.; and before anyone starts to worry about the future of the F&IW range: the new range is not sculpted by me, so no delays likely there. My design involvement doesn't extend beyond the corporate identity and pack insert cards.

More soon,

A Muskets & Tomahawks day soon in North-East England

A message from Graham Cummings:

Just a short note to say that on the 4th of May I will be holding an M&T day at Waugh Games, Skippers Lane Industrial Estate Middlesbrough, TS6 6PT (
There will be 3 linked scenarios which will culminate in a larger game. If you want to come down to try the rules just pop in, if you have some figures and want to play let me know.
Players will be asked to contribute £2.50 each for the day to cover the cost of the table hire, hot drinks and snacks are available on site. Food orders are taken around 11.15 for a local caterer to deliver.
We aim to start around 10am.
Even better The Galloping Major himself (Lance) will be attending with his figures which we will be stocking from that day. There’ll be a “Soldiers Free” figure (one choice only) for all participants.
So all in all the makings of a cracking day.
Any questions re directions, the day itself, to let me know you’re coming or in fact anything then just contact me at

Updating Customers' Gallery

I've drifted more than a little behind with updating the Customers' Gallery page, so I'm making a bit of an effort to get caught up. I've added several recent contributions today, but have lots more to put up, so I'll try to make time to get the page up-to-date 0ver the next week or two.

Please take a look, there's some superb work on there, and a considerable range of styles and treatments, so if you're looking for some ideas for colour combinations or just a little extra inspiration, check out the Customers' Gallery.

If you've taken pictures of any of our figures you've painted, please do send them in - there's always room for a few more - even though they may not appear right away, hopefully I'll have caught up soon.


Newly painted Provincials

I've just added some painted provincials from pack FIW BPT5 to the Studio page.

I'll be adding quite a lot of pictures of painted figures to the Customers' Gallery page soon(ish), including lots of provincials.

The Militia begin to assemble.

Some months back I put up pictures of an officer I had sculpted for the Anglo-America Militia, well on the Studio page I've now uploaded pictures of the first of the militiamen that I've sculpted. Take a look.

These chaps will follow on, being released after the Settlers Defending Command & Characters pack, and probably some others.


Settlers Defending Command & Characters

There's a picture of the completed 3rd character for this pack on the Studio page. The other 2 completed figures and the concept sketches for all 6 can be viewed further down the Studio page.

Stocks of Muskets & Tomahawks

The Muskets & Tomahawks rule sets have been so popular that the distributors tell me they are now out of stock and are reprinting. We have a few copies still in stock, once they've been snapped up orders will be set aside for arrival of replacement stocks - hopefully in a month or so. Please feel free to e-mail me to check on the situation before ordering.


Cold Wars

Our French & Indian War range will be at Cold Wars at the Lancaster Host in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with Loyalhanna Outpost: March 8th (Noon to 6:00PM), March 9th (9:00 AM to 6:00PM) and March 10th (9:00AM to Noon).

2 new packs to view

Both the new packs: FIW BPT5 Provincials Under Attack and FIW HUR4 Huron Warriors with Hand-to-Hand Weapons can be seen on the Studio Page, they'll be availale to order from the Online Shop within a week.

2 new packs ready soon

The 2 new packs due for release later this month are:
FIW HUR4 Huron Warriors with Hand-to-Hand Weapons (French Allies)
FIW BPT5 Alglo-American Provincials Under Attack
I've put some greens up on the Studio Page for now, both packs should appear in full as grey undercoated castings within a week.


We've added the highly popular Muskets & Tomahawk rules to our online shop. As with other sets of rules, these will come with a "Soldiers Free" figure when bought from us.

More new buildings from 4Ground

We've added the 3 new dwellings from 4Ground to the website, which together with the 3 existing ones plus the block-house constitute a good-sized settlement even before duplication.

Details on the Period Setting page.


I'll be at Vapnartak at the York Racecourse on Sunday 3rd February, on the stand with my old mates from Empress Miniatures - come and say hello if you're there.  

I may also have a small amount of our range with me  ;)

As usual at the bigger shows, Caliver Books will be there with some of our stuff too.  



These are the figures I’m planning to work on during this year, if all goes according to plan, we’ll have releases of most or all of the following during this year:

New packs (coming soon):

Provincials under attack

Huron Warriors with hand-to-hand weapons

Settlers Defending Command & Characters

Mohawk Warriors with bows


The first releases of:

Anglo-American Militia

Compagnies Franches de la Marine

British Regular ‘hat company men’


More Indians


The lists are neither exhaustive nor necessarily shown in a proposed order of release, other releases may also appear during the year including more Personalities.

First painted figure from the "Settlers Defending Command & Characters" pack. More on the Studio Page.

NEW DEAL Anglo American Provincial Force FIW PF1

We've added an Anglo-American Mixed Force deal to the Online Shop suited for, but not exclusive to Muskets & Tomahawks giving 38 soldiers for £50.00 + postage/handling:

2 officers

24 Provincial other ranks making 4 x 6 man, 3 x 8 man or 2 x 12 man units

1 x 6 man Ranger Unit

1 x 6 man Mohawk band

Muskets & Tomahawks

We'll be adding the Muskets & Tomahawks wargames rules to our online shop as soon as we get a stock of them in. If you buy your copy from us, it'll come with a "Soldiers Free" figure.

Link to cottage for short breaks or holidays in the East Riding of Yorkshire

A very recently opened holiday cottage for 2, rated as four star with Hoseasons.

Short notice bookings (within 14 days of arrival) can book through us e-mail 

Availability, advance bookings or more details on:


but feel free to e-mail us first.

The cottage is not owned by Galloping Major Ltd, but by Jeanette and Lance Cawkwell, so you can get in touch via this website.

Laser cut French & Indian War buildings by 4Ground

The first 4 French and Indian War buildings by 4Ground are now available from our Online Shop.
Orders of 2 or more of these buildings will receive a "Soldiers Free" figure of our choice.
More details are on The Period Setting page.

LATEST: we'll have more
newly released French and Indian War buildings by 4Ground very soon.

Soldiers Free Mohawk are back

The 3 Mohawk "Soldiers Free" who have been 'missing in action' for several months are once again available to accompany orders of 4 or more packs, and the "Soldiers Free" Mohawk warrior with a club is included in the first Mohawk Unit Deal, now in the Online Shop.

More buildings

We're stocking the "American Legends" range of laser-cut cabins by 4 Ground, they'll be going up on the shop soon, meanwhile, if you want to order some more urgently, drop me an e-mail.

F&IW Skirmish Games on YouTube

I thought I should post a link on here to this very nice feature on YouTube, especially as it was created by one of our customers and features our figures - among others:

Ships Ahoy

We've added some superb sailing vessels from Ainsty to our range, some can be found already hiding on the online shop, we'll announce them properly in the next couple of days or so.
Each ship will be accompanied by a specially sculpted "Soldiers Free" Sailor in typical nautical dress of the period:
short jacket, slops and a small tricorn; he's armed with a pistol and cutlas.

The Period Setting

Take a look at this new page on the website, this is where you'll find information about the buildings and other structures we've decided to stock in the online shop.

Raffle in support of Royal British Legion before "Poppy Day"

I've sent some of our French & Indian War figures to help raise funds for the Royal British Legion with a raffle at the Wargames Emporium Sheffield, on the Saturday before Remembrance Sunday.

If you're interested in finding out more about this, go to:

New Unit Deals

We introduced some "Unit Deals" some time ago, with useful combinations of packs combined together at a bit of a saving. They've become much more popular recently, so we've introduced some more, with more planned to follow, scroll down the online shop page to find them.

I've also added pictures of contents on the new and existing unit deals.

Provincials pre-order deal ends

The extended pre-order deal for the first 4 packs of Provincials will end on this Friday 18th August at some point during the morning (UK time). After a few days the production packs and some deals will start to appear in the online shop for rormal ordering once the pre-orders have all gone out.

A gentleman to officer the militia

An officer for the Anglo-American Militia, see more on the Studio page.


The last batch of sculpts for the provincials pre-order are away being master moulded, as soon as they're done, we'll be on with production moulds and casting. There are pictures the drummer for the command pack on the Studio page.


Hi all, those of you who've already pre-ordered our first release of provincials will be eagerly looking forward to their arrival, indeed, the plan was they'd be coming out about now, but they're not quite ready yet - I'm expecting to be able to put the finishing touches to the last couple of sculpts in the next few days. 

As an extra thank-you, pre-orders will receive an extra (different) "Soldiers Free" provincial, who won't, initially at least, be going out with other orders; he may put in an appearance from time to time later, but won't become one of our standard Soldiers Free. 

Anyone ordering the provincials pre-order before it's withdrawn as the packs approach being available for order will also receive the extra figure, making the deal to 26 soldiers. 


Retail outlet open for business in the USA

Our American customers are very important to us, some have been enthusiastic supporters of our range of figures since we first launched, and they've always represented a significant proportion of our sales.

One of our customers in the USA was so keen on our figures, that for some months now we've been in discussions around his proposal to retail our figures to his fellow Americans. Keith's website is now online and ready to receive visits and take orders.

To quote Keith: 'The name "Loyalhanna Outpost" came about because I live in the beautiful Laurel Highlands of Western Pennsylvania. We are centrally located in the middle of all the French and Indian War action in the area. Nearby are the sites of Fort Ligonier, Fort Necessity, Jumonville, Bushy Run, and Fort Pitt. We currently have no shop open to the public, and all transactions are via internet.'

We want to take this early opportunity to wish Keith every success with this new venture, and hope to see him gain new business in the United States. Please contact him via the Loyalhanna website with any enquiries, you'll find him very welcoming.

Of course, we'll always continue to very much welcome orders and communications from the USA here at Galloping Major too!



4 packs of Provincials available to order on Pre-Release

We're offering you an opportunity to ensure that you receive the first 4 packs of Anglo-American Provincial Infantry as soon as they are available, by ordering them in advance at a preferential price. It may be a month or so before they're ready to be sent out, maybe less.

This offer applies to retail customers only, and will be removed from the shop as soon as the Pre-Orders are ready to be sent out.

The 4 packs will be:

FIW BPT 1: Anglo-American Provincials in Short Coats Firing

FIW BPT 2: Anglo-American Provincials in Short Coats Loading/Moving

FIW BPT 3: Anglo-American Provincials in Short Coats, Light Equipment

FIW BPT 4: Anglo-American Provincials Company Command 1

+ A "Soldiers Free" Provincial

Each pack will comprise 6 soldiers and will be available as individual packs at £8.75 + postage each, or in the form of Unit Deals after the Pre-orders have been sent out.

Osprey Books back in stock - and waiting for reprints.

Three very useful Osprey books are now available for order from our Online Shop after being absent for some time, they are:
Colonial American Troops (3)
Colonial American Troops (2)
American Woodland Indians
The first two will be of considerable interest to those awaiting the release of our Anglo-American Provincials.
Don't forget you'll get one of our special Soldiers Free figures with each order of books.

At the same time rather a lot of other French & Indian War titles from Osprey have been removed from the shop until they have been reprinted. Meanwhile, these books remain listed on the Wargames Rules & Books page with additional information. This "out of print" situation frequently occurs with Osprey's vast spread of excellent titles, and it can take some months before they re-appear in print, so the best advice would be - get the ones you want while they're in stock. We try to keep up with the availability situation as much as we can, but cannot predict which titles will go out of print next.

Postal rate changes

As I mentioned on here a little while ago, the new increased postal rates which came into effect with the Post Office in the UK recently, have, of course, had an effect on us; so after taking the time to see how much of an effect they are having, we've decided to make the following changes.

International handling charges per order will be increased as from today:
Europe from £2.00 to £2.50
Rest of the World from £4.00 to £5.00

UK orders for a single pack, or one book, will be sent by second class rather than first class post. We appreciate that this will cause a delay of a day or two in the delivery of smaller orders, but as the main effect of the Post Office increases is to raise the minimum charge considerably, we thought that this would be better than increasing the per pack postage charge.


Take a look on the Studio page to check on progress toward new pack releases.


Our figures will be on the Caliver Books stand at TRIPLES, Sheffield 19th – 20th May
and PARTIZAN, Newark Sunday 27
th May

Postal rate changes

UK postal rates for parcels were increased last week. While we're looking into how this effects our postal charges, we'll leave them as they are for a few more days.


A reminder that our figures will be available on the Caliver Books stand at CARRONADE, Falkirk Saturday 5th May.


A reminder that our figures will be available on the Caliver Books stand at SALUTE Excel Centre, London, Saturday 21st April

First green for Settlers Command & Characters

As work moves on for the rest of the first packs of Provincials (more pictures soon), other sculpts are needed to fill up the next master mould(s), here's one of them finished. You'll find the rough concept for this chap, along with the rest of the pack, on the Studio page.

I went for a slightly more 'dynamic' pose than in the original sketch, and I'm quite happy with the result.

As well as defending against the attacks of hostile Indians and their chumz, this fellow could easily find his way into all sorts of 18th Century adventures.

FIW Flags from Flags of War now in the Online Shop

Although our regular British and French infantry are quite some way from being ready for release, we've added the French & Indian War range from Flags of War to our Online Shop. At £1.75 a pair, these are a great buy, I'll be using them for all my own regimental colours.

We don't expect to sell a great many of these until we have Ensigns available to carry them, and regular units to serve under them, but they're available now. Postage is free, but we're only selling them with orders of figures, books or rules.

More upcoming UK wargames shows

Caliver Books will have the Galloping Major Range on their stand at the following UK shows in the next few weeks:

WMMS West Midlands Military Show 11th March
SALUTE Excel Centre, London, Saturday 21st April
CARRONADE, Falkirk 5th May
TRIPLES, Sheffield 19th – 20th May
PARTIZAN, Newark Sunday 27th May

New Pack of Canadian Militia Released

The new pack of French Irregulars: Canadian Militia 4 - FIW FCM4, is now available from the Online Shop.
We've also introduced 3 Canadian Militia Unit Deals. Our unit deals are a handy way of ordering combinations of packs and also offer savings on both soldiers and postage.

If you don't know much about Canadian Militia, read the guide to them in Painting Guides for a start - they're not the sort of troops you may normally think of as militia.

New pack of Canadian Militia on the way

I've been keeping this little fellow and his 5 chums under my tricorn up until now, they'll make up an additional pack of Canadian Militia, which we'll be releasing pretty soon. They're all wearing either capotes or vestes, but not in full winter kit (they're yet to come), these are intended to mix in with the existing 2 packs of milice in shirts and the command and characters pack, or as a separate unit of milice, or a unit of "CdeB" as specified in most rules ;)

I thought just by way of a change, I wouldn't show any of these until I had got at least one painted. Well, here's one. Another's almost finished being painted, the rest will have to appear as greys. They are sculpted, master-moulded, production mould made and about ready for release in a few days.
There are more angles of this figure on the Studio Page.

It'll be interesting to see how these are received without issuing much advance warning.

Galloping Major at shows in the UK with Caliver Books

Caliver Books had our figures at Vapnartak in York last week - a nice start.

Next they'll be at at:
HAMMERHEAD 2012, Kelham Hall, Newark on Sunday 12th February
CAVALIER 2012, Tonbribge Wells, Sunday 26th February.

A new Soldiers Free character

Here is our latest “Soldiers Free” figure. Some of you recently placing orders for 4 or more packs of figures, or for books or rules, will already have one of these. He’s been added into our special figures to be sent out as a little thank you for your custom. A bit of a dour fellow, and one not to be trifled with. More pics of the painted figure can be found on the Studio Page, and some suggestions as to how you may want to use him have been added to the Soldiers Free Page.

Galloping Major to be available at major shows in the UK

We've not had a presence at any of the wargames shows until now, starting on Sunday 5th February at Vapnartak in the Knavesmire stand at York Racecourse, Caliver Books will have a stock available. They attend all the major UK shows and more.

Osprey Monongahela 1754-55

Just a quick word for any of you who don't yet own a copy of Osprey's Monongahela 1754-55, but have it on their "wish list": it has gone out of print with the publisher, who tell me they currently have no plans to re-print. We've just sold the only spare copy we had, but I understand it is still in stock in small numbers with some online retailers, so worth checking around before it's gone.

Settlers Defending now in stock.

Just to let you know, the two packs of settlers defending are now in stock. The first of the pre-orders have gone out, the rest will be posted in the next couple of days.
New orders will follow on straight away.



New Osprey Book Available to order from us, with new Soldiers Free figure.

This week Osprey are releasing a new title that's bound to be a hit with French & Indian War enthusiasts and no doubt will provide inspiration for a great many games, especially as it is written by Rene Chartrand:

Tomahawk and Musket – French and Indian Raids in the Ohio Valley 1758

the latest in the RAID series by Osprey. If you order it from us, you'll also receive our latest Soldiers Free figure - so new in fact that we have yet to show it on the site.
You'll find the book on our online shop.

A Sergeant for the Provincials

This is another figure for the Provincials Command Pack (only the second completed so far, the other is an officer - green on the Studio page). He's a sergeant, armed with a musket and bayonet in this case, no halberd or sword: another figure with polearm may appear later, I'd be interested in customers' views on this. His only rank distinction is the sash he has tied around his waist below his short coat, although as a sergeant, his uniform would be of better quality than the rank and file, which will only show when painted.

The Provincials I've sculpted so far are in the short coat, mentioned/prescribed/issued for so many of them, however, I'm thinking about versions in the full length coats for later, if there seems to be the demand?

Below is a picture of the 6 firing provincial soldiers all posed together, we'll probably use this as the pack picture in the online shop when they go on release.

Just a little Provincial

Just thought I'd put up another picture of one of the Provincial greens. When these chaps are released, I'll put up a rough guide to the uniforms of the Provincial Regiments. I really like the colour contrasts of the Provincial troops alongside the British Regulars.

Provincials' Progress

Just to keep you posted, here are pics of the six sculpts of the Provincials Firing.

Other Provincials will start to appear on here in the coming weeks, maybe a couple more during Christmas ;)

In case you haven't seen it, the first green of a Provincial officer is on the Studio page (you'll need to scroll down a bit).

Merry Christmas all,



I don’t usually do much in the way of concept sketches, as I usually work directly from the concepts in my head. A few days ago, however, after mentally working through some for Characters for the Settlers Defending, I decided I’d better get them down on paper, as, what with all the other stuff I have as work in progress, there was a fair old chance I’d have forgotten some of them by the time I came around to working on them.

These are very much rough guide concepts for my own use, a kind of aide memoire, so these chaps may change a little by the time they’re sculpted, but I thought they might be of interest, especially with the current release of two packs of 'Settlers Defending'.

So, I'm thinking about adding a blog to the Galloping Major Website, I'm just rather tentatively feeling my way into this facility, so it may take me some time to get going, and it may prove rather short lived.

Please feel free to comment if you have any thoughts on how, or indeed whether, a blog can benefit both us and yourselves.

Cheers for now,


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