If you've got pictures of any Galloping Major figures you've painted, and you'd like us to display them on this page, please send them to mail@gallopingmajorwargames.com.


Galloping Major Mohawk Warriors: pack FIW MOH3 (above), and same with Pennsylvania Provincials (below), painted by Jeff Davies and based and protographed by Mark Evans. 


From Robert Chisholm


From Iain McDonald 



 From Patrick Van Ouystel


Mohawk warriors in a game of Muskets & Tomahawks at the Tin Soldiers Of Antwerp's clubhouse, and some Provincials defending a farm.


Painted by Steve Lampon 


I really do need to get caught up with pictures for the Gallery; here are a couple of units of militia by Steve Lampon using a mix of figures from Anglo-American Militia packs 1-3 and Settlers Defending pack 1.

Painted by Dale Yates 


A ranger officer from pack FIW RAN3

Painted by Giles Allison 

Giles has painted a mix of figures from Anglo-American Militia and Settlers Defending packs and based them up on four figure bases to serve as loyalist militia with his AWI armies.


Painted by Jean Francois Cosi 


Painted by Craig Rice "The CID"


Painted by Deedles

I have finished my Galloping Major US Cavalry, so here they are:


Painted by Juan Mancheno Chicon


A very nice figure, very easy to paint. 

Painted by Ed Clark 


I finished my first French and Indians War figure from Galloping Major Wargames.  I modeled him after an American Provincial Soldier circa 1760.  Paint scheme is taken from both the New Jersey "Jersey Blues" and Massachusetts Provincial Regiment of the era.  I thoroughly enjoyed researching before I began painting. The 28mm metal figure itself is outstanding and I really look forward to painting many more by Lance at GM.  
About the flag: The flag is the Taunton Flag from Massachusetts.  It represents a key desire of the time period for the Colonies to remain loyal to England, but at the same time enjoy Englishmen liberties and status (e.g. taxation with representation).  The flag itself would come into being around this time as the Americans began to think about breaking from England.  I like the flag a lot, it is very well done by Flags of War.

More on Ed's blog: http://optio82.blogspot.co.uk/

More Painted by Graham Cummings: Pack FIW AAC3


More Painted by Richard Watts

Rangers Command & Characters pack FIW RAN3

and Canadian Militia


Painted by Ray Earle


Galloping Major 'soldiers free' figure, first of the new Old West range from Lance. Lovely figure to slap some paint on.

Painted by Gary Strombo

Gary Strombo orders his Galloping Major figures from Loyalhanna Outpost and has them, his paints and basing materials shipped to him in at a US FOB in Afghanistan, where he is serving. He paints them in his off duty hours, then ships them back home ready for him when he gets back. Gary says:

"Still need to seal and finish the bases, but I am very happy with how they turned out.
I had another of the extra characters and painted him this time as an English officer in charge of 2 different companies of Militia. I am still waiting for FIW BPT5 to come in, and will add them to these units.
I like these dudes so much that I almost considered ordering a bunch and painting them as English and French Regulars! But I am patient (not really) and will wait for yours to come out!"


Painted by Richard Holden

Richard set himself a challenge, to paint all the figures he needed for a planned game of Muskets & Tomahawks in a week, several dozen figures from 3 manufacturers, including, of course, Galloping Major.


He completed his task in time, and rewarded himself by buying more Galloping Major figures - his favourites.  

Adrian Greaves' Canadian Militia


Painted by John Hansen 


John writes:

I live in Riverside California. I've always been tempted by the 7 Years War era especially French and Indian. These are really nice figures. Great job on this line. I can't wait for the miltia especially the command. The ones I've painted were combined with some scenic photos I've taken using Photoshop Elements. The terrain was actually from Yellowstone National Park but I have only been east of the Mississippi once. I tend to paint everything and then wash it with a very thin black paint then repaint over the highlighted areas.


Painted by Michael Leck


Michael Leck is a customer in Sweden. When I saw the first pictures of our Mohawk he'd been painting starting to appear on his blog, I knew they should appear in our Gallery. I've been rather delayed in getting pictures up on here of late, resulting in me having loads of new pictures to put up, so here are a sizeable batch from Michael:


 including a selection of his wargames pictures:


and ending up with a Provincial he decided to paint as a Ranger, and a unit of Canadian Militia belonging to his friend and opponent Jonas.


More painted by Derek Richardson 


Derek decided to paint his Provincials in a rather smart green as New York Independents, commanded by a regular staff officer. Below: pictures of their first outing against Canadian Militia and settlers in the role of habitants, in a trial game of Muskets & Tomahawks.



Adrian Greaves' Huron 



Painted by Iain McDonald of Flags of War 

Pictures from a game of Muskets & Tomahawks in which Iain's Rangers suppoerted by Provincials soundly beat their French opponents and Indian allies.

Gaz Jones's Provincials 


Painted by Generaltso 


Two units of Canadian Militia.

Painted by Steve Lampon 

More Provincials from Steve - more pictures of his work further down the page. As well as a couple more pictures of his Pennsylvania Regiment men in green, here are his secong unit of provincials - The New Jersey Regiment, in blue; another customer finding a good use for the "Soldiers Free" Colonial Officer.


Painted by Russell Gregory

Settlers Defending and Mohawk in full black warpaint - a bold move. You'll find more batches of Russell's work further down this page. 


Painted by Rhys Thomas

Mohawk and Rangers, both with some intricate beading and quilling patterns.

Painted by Kevin Clasing

Provincials, Settlers Defending and Rangers (in the background).

Painted by Steve Lampon

First I feel I should apologise as it has been a while since I have shown any new pictures of painted figures on this page, especially to those customers whose work has been available but hasn't been shown yet.

In an attempt to catch up a bit, here are a collection of great pictures from customer Steve Lampon, starting out with the new Provincials painted as the Pennsylvania Regiment.  Steve says:

"These are the new provincials from Galloping Major painted as the Pennsylvania Regiment. These are lovely figures - better even than the rangers IMO."

Rangers Command (FIW RC1 made up of packs FIW RAN3 Command & Characters and FIW PP1 Major Robert Rogers and the "Soldiers Free" Ranger), and Mohawk pack FIW MOH1.

A French raiding force made up of Canadian Militia packs FIW FCM1, 2 & 3 and Huron Command pack FIW HUR3.


Painted by Norman D Landings

Since we received the first couple of shots of Norman D's Dunn's Rangers, we were delighted to receive more, showing additional members of the unit, scroll down to see these and the work of some other great painters in a variety of styles and treatments.








Norman D. Landings says:

"Figures from FIWRAN1, 2, & 3, painted as New Jersey Frontier Guard (Dunn's Rangers) using Humbrol & Revell acrylic paints, Soft Tone 'Army Painter' dip, & Galloping Major's painting guide."


Painted by Christophe Coquet 

 for VaeVictis magazine.


and pack FIWRAN2 



Painted by Aaron 

 Huron .......... mostly.


 "Hurons (and a few Soldiers Free) from Galloping Major. Accuracy, poses, and "character" are all there in spades IMO."


Painted by Abu Iskander





 Painted by Russell Gregory


 Painted by Abu Iskander

Loads of lovely detail in the painting of this Mohawk character - we're looking forward to seeing more.


Painted by Russell Gregory 

Galloping Major. By far my favorite maker of little men. This range just seems to fit my perception of the period to a tee. I ordered one of everything this winter and am working my way through them with a smile on my face.


Rangers. Overall a joy to paint and I look forward to painting many more.


Painted by Derek Richardson

Derek has become a frequent contributor to this page. Here are some of his rangers, including one figure from FIW RAN3 Ranger Command & Characters.

Painted by Russell Gregory

Huron. This is the second set of Indians I've done and the first with any experience in 28mm behind me, if painting all of 19 models counts as experience. I used a wash on these, which I didn't on my previous Mohawks, and I think it helps to soften the skin tones and helps define the muscles in a way my brushwork doesn't.

Milice. I've been working on these guys for a while and I finally have enough of them to put a small unit on the table. I finished two lads that I had painted previously and stripped as I didn't like the effects of GW washes. After some time in Simple Green, they were ready to base coat and get back on the painting table. I chose to use some larger areas of red on them after deciding that it wasn't too overpowering of a color for my woodsmen.


Mohawk. One of the toughest parts for me is picking out the right colors to use, not necessarily paint shades but general colors. I'm getting more comfortable picking them out, but a uniform is very easy to decide upon. It's really the freedom to choose that I'm coming to grips with.


Painted by Richard Watts

Since adding the pictures and comments below, Richard has sent us these "hot off the painting bench" ranger pics.


This Indian and these Militia are my first foray into the realm of Galloping Major. As a result, I wasn't sure what they would be like to paint so I just launched myself into the project. I can tell you that they were a real pleasure to paint and I am very pleased with the end result. I painted them with my usual method, mostly using Miniature Paints with the odd GW ink wash thrown in for good measure. The figures are nice, clean casts and have just the right amount of detail with some nice open areas to paint in bead detailing on straps and bags.

All in all, I'd give them ten out of ten.


More Mohawk and first Canadian Militia from Derek Richardson's collection


Mohawk Painted by Simon Nicholls

Simon recently fielded his Mohawk war band for the first time against his opponent's French using Sharp Practice skirmish rules. The cabin is from Grand Manner.

Painted by Christophe Coquet

Rangers painted as both Rogers' and Gorham's Rangers, commissioned for VaeVictis Magazine and reproduced by kind permission of the Editor. See the Painting Guides page.

French Canadian Militia Painted by Orctrader


I didn't do any research other than read "The Majors" painting guide on this very site.

Good, clean sculpts with enough detail to make the painting "interesting."

I used as many varied colours as I could get away with and used the blue caps to tie the group together as a unit. Some freehand designs, but kept it quite minimal. 25mm metal bases with some grass tufts and autumn leaves to finish. All in all, tremendous fun to paint.

See more of my painting here. http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/orctrader

 Painted by Derek Richardson


"The Mohawks were undercoated white, then a thin dark wash put all over the model to bring out the details. The skin tone was achieved by a coat of GW "Dark Flesh" then thin lighter tones of GW "Dwarf Flesh" with a few washes in between to darken everything down. The clothes were mostly painted with a mixture of GW and Vallejo paints again with some of the GW washes used.

I really enjoyed painting these figures, although researching a new period is just as enjoyable!"


Painted by Joseph McCullough


Mohawk Hunting Party painted by Joseph McCullough, sometimes professional painter and employee of Osprey Publishing.

"These figures were a real joy to paint, lots of crisp detail - and the perfect size - I love it when they fit on a penny."


Painted by Captain Blood

Captain Blood said:

I found the Mohawk easy and quite enjoyable to paint. A good level of detail. Nice clean castings, hardly any mould lines, zero flash. They take the paint well. Just the right level of detail. All in all - a pleasure to paint.

My painting style is pretty standard I think - Halfords matt black spray undercoat, drybrushed with a mid brown to show up the detail, then several layers of paint, fairly thinly watered to build up from dark basecoats to highlights, using a mix of cheap hobby acrylics (Inscribe / Anitas) plus Vallejo and GW paints. No washes, inks, dips or any of that new fangled malarkey ;)

Two coats of Winsor & Newton Galleria matt varnish. Mounted on 25mm steel washers. Based with PVA / sand / grit mix. Titivated according to taste.

Captain Blood also took some size comparison pictures of our Mohawk posed with some Woodland Indian models by Redoubt from his collection, one of which is shown below, (the two models on the flanks are by Redoubt).


 Figures painted by Lance Cawkwell of Galloping Major have been moved to the Studio page.