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  Our third French & Indian War Kickstarter ended successfully, many thanks to all our backers. 

If at any time you should experience any difficulty ordering from any of our shop pages, please e-mail us on mail@gallopingmajorwargames.com with the items you wish to order and we'll send you a Paypal invoice to enable your order.  


We've given the expanded King's Mountain Miniatures American War of Independence range their own page within the online shop - including new packs and unit deals.



See Studio Page for more pictures of our Kickstarter project: La MARINE - Compagnies Franches de la Marine. Just 5 days to go to hit our second stretch goal. 

 The T-shirt that was to date available only in red for backers of our Redcoats Kickstarter can now be ordered from the T-shirts, Collectables etc page.

It's available in the classic red for you 'Redcoats' (sizes Small to 5XL), green for Rangers, Loyalists, Napoleonic Rifles etc and blue for Provincials, Artillery etc (both these in sizes Small to 2X

More pack contents pics for the SYW/FIW & FIW Redcoats are in the Online Shop (10 now shown, 4 more to be added). Shown here is pack SYW/FIW B10.


A hint for painting Redcoats' coats is now on the Galloping Major NEWS page.



 Sharp Practice II and Song of Drums and Tomahawks rules added to the Online Shop Book Shop & Wargame Rules, learn more about them on the Wargames Rules and Books page.


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4Ground buildings are back in stock in the online shop.




Our own "British Sailors" T-shirts, sweatshirts and ladies' size sweatshirts are in the Gifts etc page in the online shop.


With work progressing fast on our British Redcoats, and French Fusiliers planned to follow, we've added this informative new title from Osprey to our Bookshop page. Buy it from us and we'll send you a "Soldiers Free" Anglo-American Provincial loading his musket by the drill regulations:



A new pack for The Western Range: Hired Guns & Hard Cases 1, in the Online Shop now.
Go to the NEWS page to learn more about our plans.


Go to the NEWS page to find out about our new Gifts Collectables & Re-enactment page in the online shop.



Some new packs available from the Online Shop page: 2 Provincials re-enforcement packs, a pack of 3 Sailor characters, and that Heroic Mohawk Warrior figure.


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New pack released in the Online Shop: FIW MOH5 Mohawk Warriors with Bows




More new pictures on the Customers' Gallery page.

The first 5 packs for The Western Range are in the The Western Range Shop now.  

Details of the contents of the 4 packs are at the bottom of The Western Range Page.

Also, more pictures of the King's Mountain Miniatures on the American War of Independence page



Figures from Provincials Packs FIW BPT1, FIW BPT4 & FIW BPT5 painted as the New Jersey Regiment








We set out with our 28mm French & Indian War range to create the sort of range we'd have loved to be able to buy: well researched with attention to correct period detail and feel, no "generic muskets", and no "generic Indians". We've been particularly delighted therefore, to find we've been getting some excellent reviews on "Flintlock and Tomahawk":

Canadian Irregulars

 "Galloping Major... This looks like being a well-researched and executed range that will set the bench-mark for the French and Indian wars. It's about time someone did some decent Miliciens... "

 Galloping Major French and Indian War figures

"This new range of 28mm figures are impressive. The sculptor obviously knows the period's 'material culture' well as they all have appropriate weapons like the fusil de chasse carried by the new Canadian Militia figs. No-one has really done decent Miliciens up til now and these are the best I've seen..."

Galloping Major Miliciens

"One of the drawbacks of a lot of F&I ranges tend to be the irregulars - usually the designer has some misplaced idea about coureurs de bois that look like Davey Crockett so it's particularly reassuring to see these Miliciens from Galloping Major looking spot on and in good poses too. Weaponry all correct - I am looking forward to seeing more of what promises to be a range to collect."

Flintlock and Tomahawk is a new and growing resource for:

"American warfare 1690-1815 in popular culture, art, in miniature and in movies."


Galloping Major Ltd is a company run by military history enthusiasts to design and produce 28mm figures and associated products for discerning wargamers and collectors.

28mm Iroquois Mohawk Warriors

Our ranges will continually expand, to provide the breadth, depth and choice that we believe are essential to building outstanding units, armies and collections. At Galloping Major the introduction of new ranges will not signal the abandoning of further expansion of existing ones, but these will continue to be added to "in parallel".

28mm Woodland Indians  

 All our 28mm models are supplied as unpainted pewter castings.

We are providing painting guides for the various troop types, making additional use of the exhaustive research that goes into creating the models to assist with getting them ready to take the field. "Painting Mohawk Warriors","Painting Canadian Militia" and "Painting Huron Warriors" are available on the Painting Guides page.

As a thank you for your custom, we'll send out an additional special model with every order of four packs or more. For more details see the Soldiers Free page.